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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not A Typical Fall Day in Buffalo

What a difference the warmer weather makes as I prepare for the transition from fall to winter in western NY.  I have been recovering from surgery this fall and have been unable to participate in my favorite aerobics classes at the gym.

The milder fall weather has been a dream come true for me. Although I could ride the stationary bike at the gym, it is just not the same as a long walk outside.

I looked up at the bright sky and had to remind myself, that yes, it really is the middle of November.

I was suprised by how peaceful it was during my stroll.  Although I passed a few random joggers, I couldn't help but wonder why the streets were so quiet.

I guess it just didn't register that in about a week it would be Thanksgiving Day, because the temperatures didn't feel like it outside.

It wasn't until I made it out to the supermarket later in the day that I understood why.

Most everyone else in the Buffalo area must have been shopping at Wegmans in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday!

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