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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

30th Year High School Reunion

I could not find a decent picture from my senior year in high school.  This is the best I could find, although here I was a few years younger (16). This is what I looked like the last time many of my high school friends had seen me.  In this pic I was sporting my classic 1980's Farrah Fawcett inspired feathered hairstyle.  I graduated from Paul D. Schreiber High School in Port Washington, NY in 1983.

This is the first of the reunions I will be attending.  I missed my 10th year reunion because I had been vacationing with my husband in Cancun.  When my 20th year reunion rolled around, I was very busy with my young family and did not want to make the trip from Buffalo, NY to my hometown in Long Island.

I am anxious about attending, after all it has been many years since I have seen many of my friends from high school.  I am relieved that one of my closest friends in my graduating class will be joining me. In recent years I have frequently visited my hometown as my parents are still living in Port.  Although most of my friends have moved on and are no longer living in the area, a few still remain.

30th Year High School Reunion, May, 2013, H on the Harbor, Port Washington, NY.  From left to right, me (on the left) and my friend, Sharyn (on the right).

While it is true that with the advent of social networks such as Facebook, there is not as much mystery and anticipation in advance of the big event.  While this may be true, I am still anxious to reconnect with old friends whom I have not seen in many years.  Although I have made frequent trips to my hometown during the last few years, I have only visited with one of my closest friends who still lives in Port.  Some of my other former classmates are scattered in the Long Island/New York area, while many have relocated to other cities and states.  So this is very exciting, and now just a short 4 weeks away.

So until then I will watch what I eat, exercise like a crazy woman, all in antipication of this once in a lifetime event....

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