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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Important factors to consider before joining a gym

This week I had an important decision to make.  I love where I have been working out, the fitness facility is great.  What more could I ask for? It is close to home and the instructors are top notch.  But it's frustrating because the fitness club hours are so restrictive and with my busy schedule it simply has not been meeting my needs.  With 3 kids, a job, and continually running from one activity to another, I was frequently missing workouts.  Their early closing time during the week (9 PM) and limited class schedule on the weekends was not working for me.  I am going to miss my favorite Zumba class, it was the one class I really looked forward to every week.  The instructor is an incredibly motivating and energetic person.

But you know when you join a gym it will not work if it is not convenient.  I basically forced myself to go whenever possible and have been committed to exercising 4-5 days per week.  However, it was adding an unnecessary level of stress to my day. Life is difficult enough without the worry of making it to the gym before it closes.

So here are some important factors to consider before signing a contract to join a fitness facility.

Is it close enough to your home or work that you will make the effort to go at least 3 or 4 days a week?

Are there enough fitness classes to keep you motivated to stick with your workouts?

Are the monthly membership fees an expense you can afford in your budget?

Do you have the ability to terminate your membership if you should move or relocate from the area?

Are the hours that the gym is open convenient and will you be able to make it there during the day before it closes?

Do you prefer to work out alone and/or at home that this might not be the best option for you?

Have you spoken to your doctor about important medical or health concerns which might have an impact on your decision?


  1. My husband is going through something similar. He is always in a rush to get to the gym, which is about 3 blocks from our house, because they close at 9 p.m.

    1. So glad I changed my gym membership. It has only been a week but what a difference the extra 2 hours a day makes (it closes at 11 pm on weeknights). Especially given the high cost of membership. Best of luck to your husband.