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Friday, February 10, 2012

Planning a Healthy Valentines Day

Valentines Day can mean trouble for those of us trying to stick to a healthy routine.  I know it is just one day, but one thing I have learned over the years is that this attitude often gets me into trouble!  Oh it's just Valentines Day, why not enjoy a chocolate or two?  But before I know it I might as well have devoured the entire box.  So on this holiday I hope to not receive any chocolates or flowers.  I know, not very romantic. 

I would love nothing more than a quiet romantic dinner with my sweetheart the day before Valentines Day.  This way we avoid the crowds and can enjoy a peaceful evening without the stress of dealing with an overcrowded restaurant.  I even have one or 2 places in mind. But the important part is that we are spending it together. 

Here are some suggestions of heart healthy ways to celebrate your Valentines Day.

  • Plan an active day out sledding, hiking, or visiting an indoor rock climbing wall.
  • Prepare a healthy, romantic dinner by candlelight at home
  • Dining out is also an option as there are plenty of healthy choices
  • Heat things up salsa dancing with your sweetheart
  • Show your love by encouraging your partner to give up an unhealthy habit
  • Try sharing a bowl of sweet, healthy fruit with your valentine
  • Take a jog or walk outside (weather permitting) followed by a date to the movies
  • Write a romantic poem or card for the one you love expressing how you feel
  • Share the love and volunteer at a local charity in your community with your significant other

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