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Saturday, September 17, 2011

As we evolve and grow, so do our friendships

Sometimes I wonder how my life might have been different.  When I was younger there were friends I was certain I would remain close to and in communication with as I have gotten older.  There have been achievements I wish I could have shared with some of these friends.

Change is good.  What I mean is that as people we evolve over time and our relationships are a reflection of our identity at a given point in time.  Maybe our friends from high school would no longer identify with the person we are today.  I had tried to reach out to an old friend with whom I was very close to for many years.  I was disappointed that she did not respond.  After thinking for some time I realized that we are completely different people at this point in our lives.  She and I might share nothing in common anymore.  Is this a reason for sadness? I think it is mainly a point for reflection.  The challenges and struggles are another part of the bigger picture of who we have become.  I thought about the qualities that define me as a person.

I am a mother, a wife, and a good friend.  I enjoy staying active and fit in my daily life and eating healthy is very important to me.  I love interacting with other people who share common goals and interests.  I am an accounting nerd with a career in public accounting.  I enjoy keeping up with the latest news in my profession. 

If you could describe in a few words who you are and what defines you, what would you say?

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