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Thursday, September 8, 2011

People who inspire you to be your best

I remember when one of my previous supervisors had been evaluating the pool of candidates applying for a position within the company we both worked for.  Something he had said made a lasting impression on me.  While he was reviewing resumes he said he hoped he would be able to hire someone who was down on their luck and did not have a job, but showed tremendous potential.  I thought that this was an extremely rare and respectable quality in a person. I was very impressed by his professionalism and his out of the box thinking.  The world would be a much better place if more people thought the way he did.

It is possible that people are positive influences and transform our lives even when and if we do not know them very well.  I received support during my job search from some very unexpected sources. I am most grateful when I think about how much more difficult the experience might have been without the assistance and intervention of many wonderful people who came to my aid.

In facing challenges and adversity, isn't it rewarding when people notice and compliment you on your achievements? It can make you feel that all your hard work has been worthwhile.

I remember when the manager of the gym where I needed to cancel my membership let me know she was sad to see me go.  When I was at the gym she would compliment me on how disciplined I was during my workouts and on my positive attitude.  It did wonders for my self esteem when she told me how healthy and fit I looked.  I was impressed that she took the time to acknowledge my efforts and encourage me even though I did not know her very well.

Can you think of people who have inspired and motivated you?

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