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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How often should you weigh yourself?

I have the habit of getting on the scale every morning when I get up.  I like to check my weight about the same time each day to monitor any changes.  The reason I do this is to be ahead of myself in the event that I should gain a few pounds.  It is definitely easier to deal with a 1-2 pound weight gain than to ignore the scale and suddenly realize you have 10 pounds to lose.

My goal is to maintain my "happy weight".  This is what I call the weight range that I am most happy to stay within.  My goal weight is between 135 and 140 pounds.  When I am going on vacation or I have a special event to attend, I am happiest at 135 pounds.  You know, it's the weight that you feel most confident wearing that extra special dress in your closet.  To get there sometimes I have to make some minor changes in my activity level and monitor my diet.    I will cut back on snacks, which for me these days includes nuts and dry cereal.  Maybe I will squeeze in a few more Zumba classes during the week and take longer brisk walks.

There is some debate about whether it is healthy to check your weight daily.  Minor fluctuations are not a cause for concern.  I just want to be aware and honest with myself of what is going on with my body.  I eat healthy so my relationship with the scale is not out of a compulsion to lose weight.  I know I feel my best when I stick with a healthy diet and exercise regimen and I maintain my "happy weight".

Do you have a "happy weight"?  How do you monitor changes in your weight?

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