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Friday, August 19, 2011

Facing your workout challenges

I love doing a variety of aerobics and zumba classes.  I must confess that my lack of coordination makes these types of workouts extremely challenging.  I know you have seen me, I am the one in class who is at least 2 steps behind everyone else.   I try to land a spot right up in the front so as not to miss a single step.  Although I mentally process what I should be doing, my body simply refuses to cooperate.  I feel like a 2000 pound gorilla wearing a tutu, clumsily out of step and time with the momentum of the class.

However, once I master the routines, which at times can take weeks,  I feel wonderful.  The workouts are a perfect way for me to challenge and test my physical limitations.  It is precisely what I need to do to try to improve in these areas.  One thing I do know is not lacking is my will and desire to stay in the best shape I can.  Hopefully a positive attitude and perseverence helps me overcome many of my shortcomings.

How have you been challenged by your workouts? What steps have you taken to try and overcome these limitations?

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