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Friday, August 5, 2011

Pampering yourself is good for the soul

Every once in awhile we all need good a little pick me up after a long week at work, or just because.  So what is something you do just to reward yourself for a job well done? Maybe you have reached an exercise goal, or have eaten healthy all week and want to reward yourself.  Is there something you like to do to lift your spirits?

I just love getting my hair washed and styled at my favorite salon.  I just love the confidence that I feel about how much better I can look when my hair is professionally styled.  We all have days where we just need some "me" time and to be pampered.  Maybe I would try getting a facial sometime or possibly a makeover.  What is important is making the time to do something which helps you to feel good about yourself.  When I walk out of the salon, I feel like a transformed woman.  It does wonders to lift my spirits. 

So indulge yourself every now and then. When you reward yourself for achieving your goals, it will be helpful in motivating you to continue to reach for the stars.


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