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Sunday, August 28, 2011

What to do when temptation strikes?

Don't you just hate it? You are enjoying the afternoon at the mall and the delicious scent of fresh baked cookies or brownies is calling your name.  Or it is Halloween week and everywhere you look in your house is a Snickers or Almond Joy candy bar that your children have gotten from trick or treating.  What can you do when temptation strikes?

The first thing I try to do is to think about how much better I will look in my clothes if I avoid junk and unhealthy foods.  Shallow, maybe, but it is one of the best benefits that comes from eating healthy and exercising.  My diet has been junk food free for three years now, and I do notice that I have much more energy than I did before.  While I may have gotten a brief boost from sugary foods, it would soon be followed by a crash and I would feel awful.

Another approach that could be helpful is to try to keep a stash of healthy foods around your house that will feed your impulse to snack when hunger strikes.I will sometimes munch on dry nutritious cereals when I am craving chips or other salty snacks.  Instead of eating ice cream, I enjoy a smoothie made with Kefir Nonfat Probiotic, almond mik, and fresh fruit.  If I am watching a DVD with my family at home, I will munch on fresh sliced carrots, peppers and celery with lowfat salad dressing.  It satisfies my desire to munch on something but I do not have the guilt that comes from eating something junky.

If all else fails, sometimes nothing is better than taking a long run or walk to take your mind off these impulses.  Sometimes the desire to eat when you are not hungry is nothing more than boredom.  First have a glass of water, then call a friend, solve a crossword puzzle, or take your kids to the park. 

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